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Sunnica Proposal for an Energy Farm and Updates

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SUNNICA Energy Farm

You may be aware of the proposal for two new energy farms connecting to the National Grid at Burwell which would help to power approx. 100,000 homes. One at land south of Worlington and one south of Chippenham, the exact locations of the different elements of the scheme have yet to be finalised.

Some useful information below

Sunnica website - http://sunnica.co.uk/

National Infrastructure planning website - https://infrastructure.

A well presented film that outlines the scheme planning process -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4COj1N0kbfA#action=share

The Parish Council created a Powerpoint presentation which details further information on Sunnica

The non statutory consultation period has now ended and the public questionnaire has now been closed.

You can view here, the Parish Council's response to the consultation period.

Suffolk County Council and West Suffolk District Council have made a joint response to the consultation. In order to view this you need to contact the county and district council directly.

Sunnica Statutory Consultation

Sunnica has informed Parish Councils in the area that the Statutory Consultation will run from Tuesday 22nd September till Wednesday 2nd December 2020, but no further details about the consultation have been shared at this point. A representative from each Parish Council has been invited to an online briefing by Sunnica on Monday 21st September. The Parish Council will take a stall at the next Freckenham Farmers Market on Saturday 26th September to share information from the briefing with residents and to encourage them to make their views known by responding to the consultation.

Briefing 15th July 2020

A briefing by Sunnica to Parish Councils in the area took place on Wednesday 15th July 2020. The briefing was open to two councillors from each parish.

Cllr Douch and Brooks attended from Freckenham Parish. 

For details of the briefing please see the report.

Freckenham Sunnica Survey 2019

The results of the recent survey distributed to village residents are now available to view


West Suffolk Briefing Note - September 2019

West Suffolk District Council have released a briefing note as at September 2019.

The briefing note includes a plan, which indicates that some changes to the scheme boundaries are being considered by Sunnica although officers await formal confirmation as to the current site boundary.




Withdrawal of the Freckenham Estate from the Sunnica Scheme

Please see latest statement below from Richard Tuke. 

Our withdrawal from the scheme does not prevent Sunnica from including our land in their submission to the Inspectorate nor does it stop them from applying for compulsory powers to purchase our land should they choose to do so. We have however written the Inspectorate formally telling them that Sunnica are including our land without permission, they have noted this and included it in their records. In summary Sunnica has no permission to use our land for the project and it will not get permission; we however cannot stop them submitting an application that includes our land although we will make sure our objection is properly noted as part of the process.



Parish Council Update to Community Action Group
meeting on 5th August

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