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Recreation Ground

The Parish Council has recently undertaken considerable improvement works to the Recreation Ground.

For many years the equipment has consisted, within an enclosed area, of Swings, a Slide, a Rocking Horse and a Round  Circular Step Up. Outside the fenced area there were two five aside football nets and a basket ball net.

During 2014 the Council considered that improvements were required as the existing equipment was not totally suitable for older children and adult keep fit enthusiasts. They consulted four outdoor equipment suppliers and, having agreed the range of equipment, obtained estimates from all four. The Council then sought funding for the works and approached a number of funding bodies. The lowest estimate, from Sovereign Play Equipment, was for £24,417.36   and the total of grants received, including from the Lottery Fund, Forest Heath Sainsbury Fund, County Councillor's Locality Budget and Get Suffolk Moving Fund, was £24,660.

The agreed scheme was for a circular path for walking and jogging and suitable for children to cycle in safety. This also gives easy access for the less able to enjoy the riverside location of the Recreation Ground. The equipment for the young included Cat and Mouse Adventure Play Towers, a Log Swing with Basket Seat, a Flicky Low Level Trail and a role-play Activity Panel. For the adults Dip Exercise Bars, a Step Up, Pull and Press Bars and a Leg Raise Rack.

Work was started in June 2015 and finalised in September 2015 and has proved to be a great success for children of all ages and for the keep fit adult enthusiasts.

The Recreation Ground is accessed either by a pedestrian path from The Street next to the Lee River bridge or by a vehicular access from Chippenham Road opposite the entrance to Shores Close.

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