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Neighbourhood Plan


Over recent years there has been much discussion about whether we should create Neighbourhood Plan for the parish of Freckenham. The Government is now offering meaningful funding to encourage parishes to prepare their own Neighbourhood Plans.

The Localism Act 2011 gives the right for all communities to have their say and proactively shape their future through the production of a Neighbourhood Plan. When drafted, this will be put to parish residents for approval through a Parish Referendum. If approved, it will form part of the District Council’s Statutory Local Plan and has to be followed when any future planning application is submitted.

Freckenham Parish Council recognises that recent development and planning applications within the village have been largely ad-hoc with little or no consultation to identify village needs.

A Neighbourhood Plan will, on the one hand, help protect our village from unwanted development, but also, positively identify locations, types and styles of development needed to enable the organic growth of the village to be accommodated harmoniously.

Your Parish Council has created a Sub-Committee to drive this forward, drawn from volunteers across the village.

We need your support and ideas into this important plan as it will shape the future of our special village for future generations.

A Power point presentation has been created by Urban Vision Enterprise who work with parishes to create Neighbourhood Plans. It sets out clearly the various steps involved in creating a Neighbourhood Plan and the pieces of evidence which the Neighbourhood Plan Sub-Committee are gathering together in order to create the Freckenham Plan.


Not sure what a Neighbourhood Plan is?

Take a look here for a great explanation.






Completion of our Neighbourhood Plan involves a number of steps, some of which have already commenced. The plan going forward with our target completion dates is as follows (please note this is subject to change):

Mar 2020 - Landscape assessment

May 2020 - Site appraisal

Jun 2020 - Drop in event at Freckenham Village Hall (*)

Jun/Jul 2020 - Public consultation on draft Neighbourhood Plan (*)

Oct 2020 - Neighbourhood Plan approved by Parish Council and West Suffolk Council

Dec 2020 - Neighbourhood Plan approved by Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (HCLG)

Jan 2021 - Referendum by local residents to grant final approval and adoption of the Neighbourhood Plan (*)

(*) Those activities marked with an asterisk are the points in the process where local residents can have a say in the plan, and in how the Parish develops in the future. Please get involved at these points.




October 2020 - Consultation Event

On 26th September the Neighbourhood Plan Committee held a Public Consultation on the draft plan. The boards on display can be viewed here.

 September 2020 - Landscape Appraisal, Key Views document and Site Assessment.

 The Neighbourhood Plan Committee are now pleased to share with you the following documents in regard to the Neighbourhood Plan:

 Landscape Study

 Key Views

Supporting appendices

Site Assessment

April 2020 - brief update

I’m sure that at the current time, the progress of the Freckenham Neighbourhood Plan (FNP) is the last thing on your mind. But the FNP Sub-Group wanted to reassure you that our work is proceeding as planned.

Here is an update on our recent activity:

- The Sub-Group met last week using Zoom - a new experience for some of our members, but it worked very well for us.
- Our chosen consultant has completed her work on the ground and is in the process of completing a detailed Landscape Appraisal Report for us to build into our plan.
- We are considering how to engage with Parishioners once we have a draft plan if we are unable to hold a face to face event in the Village Hall in June.

Please be assured that we are determined to keep this important work on track during this challenging period and will find appropriate ways to keep everyone in the loop as things progress.

We would be very grateful if you would encourage your friends and neighbours to follow this Page and also to share this information with those that you know do not use Facebook.