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Freckenham 100+ Club

The Village Hall runs a 100+ Club to help raise funds for the upkeep of the hall.  

There is a monthly draw, usually on the last Thursday of the month at the Dance Club, with prizes of £25.00, £10.00 and £5.00.  The December draw is a special with the first prize of £100.00 second of £50.00 and then £25.00, £10.00 and £5.00.

Tickets are £12.00 each (only £1.00 per month!) and application should be made by 1st October 2018 to Effie on 01638 721320 or with the Renewal Form (see menu to right).

Freckenham Village Hall 100+


Winners 2018/2019

  October 2018   November 2018
  Katherine Stweart   Jon Cooper
  Andrew Geddes   Mel Neal
  Glynnis Payne   Andrew Geddes
  December 2018    January 2019
  Andrew Douch  69  Katherine Stewart
  Pat Murton  14  Julie Bradley
  Joyce Rutherford  51 Freda O'Conner
  Sandie Geddes    
  Martin Hughes    
   February 2019    March 2019
 69 Katherine Stewart  80  Sally Lewis
 14 Julie Bradley  40 Jonathan Cooper
 51 Freda O'Conner  22 Pat Murton
   April 2019    May 2019
 37 Roland Sore  71 Christopher Thompson
 92 Martin Culverhouse  52 Freda O'Conner
 77 Hilary Anderson  48 Paul Brooks
  June 2019    July 2019
  August 2019    September 2019




 Thank you to all who support this valuable fund raiser for the village hall, drawn monthly usually at dance club on last Thursday of the month.   New Applicants &/or Renewals due October.   Collectors will be calling round or put the £12 (cheques payable to Freckenham Village Hall) per number with your name included in Effie Brook’s letter box, 19 The Street, Freckenham.